Common Applications for Chemori Fire Suppression System

Computer Rooms
Data Storage Facilities
Server Rooms

Cellular Sites
Microwave Relay Towers
PBX & IDF Rooms

Combat Vehicles
Military Aviation
Control Rooms

Light Rapid Transits
Mass Transit Vehicles
Commercial Aviation

Engine Rooms
Control Rooms
Storage Rooms

CT Scan & MRI Control Rooms
Medical Record Storage
UPS Rooms


Bank Vaults
Radio & TV Stations

Boiler Rooms
Storage Tanks
Wind Turbines

Why Maintaining Business Continuity is Critical?

Already running a business is hard, what about maintaining it? Yes, much more critical. In maintaining a business, there are a lot of factors to consider. Aside from investing in the everyday operation assets, there are other investments that are needed for the protection of your business. One of those is the fire protection system. Other business people may not take this seriously and only regret in the event of an unexpected disastrous condition.

You Can't Afford to Lose:

Assets – The equipment, processes, products or operation that you have invested is always vital to your business.
People – The protection of your workforce is a principal for productivity and peace of mind.
Data – Both soft and hard data files of stored information, servers, networks and communication equipment are critical to the success of all businesses.
Continuity – Companies and their customers depend on uninterrupted operations and services.

Plan Ahead and Choose Fire Suppression System:

Effective – With early detection, our system suppresses fire before any damage can be done.
Safe for People – People may remain in the area when egress is not practical.
Environmentally Friendly – United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) approved with no restrictions for fire suppression.
Readily Available – Being the most widely used clean agent, it has stocks available around the world.

Fire related downtime has severe effects on capital equipment, inventory, and opportunity losses from not meeting customer needs.