Chemori 5112

Fire Suppression System

Our scope of capabilities range from the design of fire suppression system, the manufactures of cylinders and valves in various sizes to the capability of providing a complete range of fire protection systems.

We have a complete line of Pre-Engineered and Engineered Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems.

  1. Engineered System
  2. Pre-engineereed System

Engineered System

Chemori 5112 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System allows a range of flexibility in its design parameters. Each application requires an individual flow calculation to determine the quantity of Chemori 5112 required for a specific hazard volume and its set of pipes and fittings sizes. The area coverage of each nozzle can be calculated using the Chemori Flow Calculation Software version CRK-4.0. Chemori Engineered System has various sizes of the Chemori 112 cylinder ranging from 20 lb, 35 lb, 70 lb, 100 lb, 150 lb, 250 lb, 375 lb, 560 lb, and 1200 lb. All cylinders are equipped with back pressure type valve. A piston in the valve bore is equipped with a rubber seal that keeps the FK-5-1-12 Clean Agent under pressure within the cylinder.

Pre-engineereed System

Chemori Pre-Engineered Unit is a clean agent system of the Chemori 5112 pre-set quantities. It has specific flow rates in set of pipes, fittings, and nozzles for various hazards. Specifically, they are limited to types and sizes by Underwriters Laboratories based on the actual fire test conducted. Chemori provides the Pre-Engineered Units ranging from 3 lb, 6 lb, 12 lb, and 18 lb that are super-pressurized to 240 psig at 70 °F. The larger models are 35 lb, 70 lb, 140 lb, 240 lb, 360 lb and 520 lb in which the units are super-pressurized to 360 psig at 70 °F. Each cylinder is equipped with a suitable cylinder valve. All these units are designed for Total Flooding Protection against Class A, Class B and Class C fires occurring within an enclosure.