Detection Tubing System

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Two Types of Systems are available:

  1. Direct Action Release (DAR)
  2. Secondary Action Release (SAR)

Direct Action Release System (DAR)

Fire Suppress Pre-Engineered Units can be configured for Direct Action Release (DAR) by utilizing the Fire Suppress Detection Tubing that acts as a fire detection device, a nozzle and a fire suppressant delivery in the system. Under this design, no electrical detection devices and alarm control units are used. The portion of the tube nearest to the hottest point of the fire ruptures, forming an effective discharge nozzle through this instant nozzle which is directed to the fire immediately.

Secondary Action Release System (SAR)

Our Pre-Engineered units valve can be configured for Secondary Action Release (SAR) as well. Under this arrangement, the Fire Suppress Detection Tubing is used solely as a detection device only. When the Fire Suppress Detection Tubing erupts under a fire condition, it will operate the Pre-Engineered unit valve to discharge the fire suppression agent through the discharge port of the valve, which is connected to a set of copper or stainless steel tubing or braided hose with nozzles strategically placed within the protected enclosure. This arrangement again does not require any electrical alarm control panel. However, our Pre-Engineered unit can be fitted with electric solenoid to be connected to an Agent Release Control for electrical release of the extinguishing system. This configuration will require electrical detection devices to be connected to the said Agent Release Control.

"Using Fire Suppress Detection Tubing, we offer the systems that are able to deliver the clean agent to extinguish fires effectively and quickly."