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Chemori Americas is an emerging global company that provides vital fire protection systems and products. Chemori Americas is founded on the strength of its people, with decades of combined experience in the long established global markets involving clean agent fire suppression. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company is part of a network of established, viable businesses and manufacturing sites around the world. Specializing today in the provision of Engineered and Pre-Engineered HFC-227ea Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems, we employ our many and varied technical resources, working together with Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual Approvals (FM) in the continuing development of alternative agents and innovative systems to enhance our global market presence far into the future. Our commitment to continued innovation, customer service and technical support enhances the success of our valued global network of distributors...


Fire Suppression Systems

Engineered CylinderEngineered System
The engineered concept of the Chemori 227® (HFC-227ea) Clean Agent System allows a range of flexibility in design parameters. Each application requires an individual flow calculation to determine the quantity of Clean Agent (HFC-227ea) required for a specific hazard volume, its set of pipes ...

Pre Engineered CylinderPre Engineered System
Chemori Pre-Engineered Unit is Clean Agent System having pre-set quantities of “Chemori 227®” (HFC-227ea) agent and specific flow rates in set of pipes, fittings and nozzles for various hazards specifically limited to types and sizes by Underwriters Laboratories based on the actual fire test conducted. Chemori provides...

New Release Products

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